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Can you tell me about your 100% Independent and 100% Objective Buy-Side Research Process and is your research distributed by firms such as Zack's?
The Independent Adviser Corporation employs respected research analysts in our covered industries. Because we are not an investment bank (e.g. we perform no corporate underwriting or equity offerings) we market ourselves as 100% Independent and 100% Objective.  Our investment ratings are included in Zack's consensus estimates who also distributes our research reports to thousands of institutional investors.  

Our analysts have freedom to say what we think - not want companies want you to hear. We focus on needs of the investor - both institutional and individual. We believe that analysts that work for firms such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, although highly competent and influential, are biased because they are called "sell-side" analysts. Their main purpose is to sell you stocks of companies their firms respectively underwrite.  Because of their independence, buy-side research firms actually rate sell-side firms (e.g. Institutional Investor's Rankings). We are one of the first investment research firms to circulate our buy-side research and summaries directly to the public. 

When performing our research, our analysts probe management to understand the real trends. We talk to line managers, vendors, suppliers as well as CEOs. We do our homework and always look for the next clue. We use our intelligence and our instinct.   We read company and industry reports, economic analysis and briefings on a regular basis. We listen to conference calls with company officials. All this is supplemented with daily fax and computer updates of comments on broad economic and interest rate outlooks coupled with timely industry and individual company information from published sources.

Our analysts also participate in various seminars and professional organizations including the Financial Planning Association and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  When making specific buy recommendation, our research analysts work with our Investment Managers who generally follow the below process:

  • We first develop a list of investment opportunities in stocks of companies that have long term value and bright futures. For growth orientated investors, we have a preference for stocks that provide medium to long term potential for superior capital appreciation. For income orientated investors, we seek dividend paying stocks. We also seek out value stocks that provide superior long term appreciation. Once we consider a company's fundamental strength, we generally use technical analysis to recommend any initial stock purchases.
  • When recommending mutual funds, we generally look at the following factors: historical performance, performance relative to the risk assumed, performance among peer mutual funds, performance in rising and falling markets. These ratings are maintained by such groups as Morningstar as well as our in-house research staff.

Because we believe your independent Fee-Only Financial Adviser knows you best, they may or make not make use of our investment research. They are free to make specific recommendations based on each individual's risk tolerance, asset-class preference, time horizon, and investment goals and to use other research produced by any firm. 

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